Web Application Development

Web AppIn the 90′s desktop based softwares were used for everything, but with the advances in browser technologies, more and more application are looking toward the browser. Also with the increase of computing and internet penetration in the world, it makes more sense to make an application, which can run itself in any browser, without the need to install, without the worry of where to save your data, because your data is safely stored in the cloud and always accessible to you. And the best part is your application and data is always available for you 24×7 365 days(always).

A web application is a software which is accessible through the browser, these applications are not plain websites, but they have the features to interact with, they can take input from you and save it in their databases, and can show you other peoples data. Their are many many type of web applications in todays world, email applications like gmail and yahoo, ecommerce applications like amazon and ebay, social networking sites like facebook and twitter, content sharing sites like wikipedia, jobs listing sites like monster, classified ads site like craiglist and many many more.

We are a full service web application development company, we will do every thing from design, development and deployment to testing and maintenance. We use latest web based technology to make web 2.0 style application, which uses ajax heavily. We create applications from UX(User Experience) perspective, so that it becomes very easy for a user to find information he is looking for.

Types of web applications we develop.

So if you have any idea of a web based application or you want to get your desktop based converted into web based, then we at isintu would love to hear from you.

Please contact our consultant for enquiries at info@isintu.com