Ecommerce Development

Responsive EcommerceOnline shopping has become an attractive option for consumers. They can compare prices on different sites and get the best deals, special offers, they can shop from the comfort of their home(save fuel), cash on delivery, 30 day return etc.

Since E-commerce is growing every day, it presents lots of new opportunities for businesses and that’s why they are setting up their e-stores to capture these opportunities.


It also offer many advantages to the businesses:

  1. You can set up a new e-shop very cost effectively – Many people in the world, like Craftsmen, Picture artists, Bakers etc. Who were never able to sell their products on a large scale because they were unable to setup a shop and showcase their products to large no. of people, can now easily setup an online shop, put their ads on google search and can start selling their products to the world.
  2. Reduce logistics – Since you don’t have to setup a physical shop to showcase your products, it your logistical burden, you can ship directly from the warehouse.
  3. Consumer can shop 24×7.
  4. Financial management is easy.
  5. You can easily scale up or down, if need be.

Consumer behaviour have changed in the last few years, they are doing more comparison shopping and visual searching. Because of these behaviours new best practises are emerging in the ecommerce space. At Isintu we follow industry best practises to provide an amazing shopping experience for your consumer.

Social networks are making an enormous impact on online shopping, as more and more ecommerce sites are integrating themselves with social sites, people are putting reviews on a product, they are rating a product, they are recommending a product, they are sharing a product. This has changed the ecommerce landscape and is becoming an industry standard. People can see which of their friends have liked the products or purchased it or reviewed it etc. They use this information to decide on whether to buy or not.

Ecommerce best practises we follow:

  1. SEO optimized content development – We write custom product description, to enable the user to understand everything about a product and we do that by keeping search keywords in mind to make the site more search engine friendly.
  2. User Experience Design- UX design is becoming very important for the success of any ecommerce store. We follow design principals which are created after understanding consumer behaviour like:
    • Proper Categorization- Each product should fall in each category it belongs to.
    • Feature Filters- For same type of products different filters should be available, for a user to be able to narrow down their search.
    • Navigation – Navigation in an ecommerce store is very important, as it is crucial to make your consumer reach to any point in the site from any point. So navigation is at many places, in different format, global navigation on top, category navigation on left/right, filter navigation left/right, breadcrumb navigation on top of products etc.
    • User Interaction – User should be able to view a product from every angle, he should be able to zoom into the product to see in-depth, he should be able to apply filters without refreshing the page and many more.
  3. Social Media Integration – It has become very important nowadays as more and more people are spending lots of their time on social networks, so people see reviews before buying, if there is no review they tend to think nobody has bought the product and many more factors come into play.
  4. High Performance Hosting – We provide best hosting solution for our clients according to their needs, according to your traffic we can suggest you different hosting providers like amazon aws, rackspace,, siteground to optimize your cost and performance.
  5. Responsive Design - We can give your site a responsive layout, which wll make your website adapt itself in browser according to its size. So, whether it is mobile browser or a tablet browser or a desktop browser, your consumers will have best experience on all the browsers.

Some platforms we use for ecommerce development

WordPress Ecommerce Development
Magento Ecommerce DevelopementMagento-Open-Source-eCommerce-shopping-Cart-Custom
VirtueMart Ecommerce Developmentvirtuemart_slogan_blue
Shopify Ecommerce DevelopementShopify E-Commerce Software

We also do custom ecommerce development using PHP and, we can use third party cart like Znode for or create a custom one from scratch. Why would you require a custom ecoomerce store, well it depends upon your requirement, suppose you are selling something with require consumer to choose from many components and options to assemble the final product, for that you may have a custom work flow, in that case you would need custom development, like a site developed by us on PHP The Perfect Rug.

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