CMS Development

opensource logo collectionContent management systems are special web applications, they have two parts to them, a front end which is used as public face of that CMS, this front end is what a normal user will see most of the time and they have a web based backend, where users can create, edit and manage content. It can also be used for collaborative content creation and sharing in the enterprise.

There are thousands of CMS available today in the market, every one of them was built for a specific purpose, but after evolving for years, they do overlap on each others functionality. Like WordPress was built for making blogs, but it now powers all kind of website, ecommerce, blogs, portfolio, corporate, group deal, social sharing sites and more. Similarly Magento was built to create ecommerce sites and it just do that.

Each of the CMS have their pros and cons. At isintu, we analyze your requirements and help you decide which CMS would be best for you. We offer complete design, implementation and customization of your choosen platform.

Services we offer

  • Readymade template installation and template customization for your brand
  • User centric and responsive custom template Development
  • Custom plugin development to extend the functionality which is not already available
  • Integration with external components to make your site more usable
  • Enterprise intranet portals using Sharepoint or Alfresco
  • Enterprise public facing sites using Sharepoint or Alfresco

Kind of sites we develop

  • Corporate Sites
  • Blog Sites
  • News Sites
  • Jobs Sites
  • Ecommerce Sites
  • Deals Sites
  • Social Networking Sites

Our Expertise

WordPress Developmentwordpress logo
Joomla Developement
Drupal Development
Expression Engine Developementlogo_ee
Sharepoint Developmentlogo-sharepoint
Alfresco Developement

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