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web developmentThis is an era of web, almost all businesses need to have their web presence in some way or the other and some businesses are entirely made around the web, like google, amazon etc. Businesses need web development for all kind of needs like, a dynamic website to showcase product and services of their organization, and be able to change the almost every thing from a backend dynamically, or an Information sharing internal site for different departments & employees of an organization or some SASS(Software as service) product sold as fixed time subscription or sold on pay per use basis.

We at Isintu, have a passion for web development, we follow scrum based agile approach for our web development projects. Our engineers are proficient in technologies like, ASP.net, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Groovy on Grails, Codeigniter, CakePHP for the backend and Jquey, Ext JS, Sprout core, ember.js, underscore.js, backboke.js for front end development and My SQL, MS SQL SERVER for database.

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Web Design Process

The site development process starts with understanding user requirements and overall flow and architecture of information in the business. After understanding what information should be presented on the website and its structure, we start to build up structure and layout of each of the web page, what information will go where, based on the UX principles, we try to make the best user experience for the user and we make great visual design, which is treat for people who are browsing and gives a strong brand impression. As soon as we have your site made up on paper, we can test it for usability and make any changes required. After that we start converting the designed pages into actual HTML and any server side script if required. We will also make all the database connections to the script so that the script can produce exact pages as we have designed. We also assures that the website we have built is compatible to all browsers. Then comes the testing, in which we check for any missing functionality, any error which coming in the process of actively using a website and any browser error. Your site is ready to go live, then comes the monitoring and maintenance, which is an ongoing process. The actual process is quite extensive and this is just an overview of the process.

At Isintu we follow all the processes to the core, to deliver a great product each and every time.

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