We offer high quality PSD to HTML/THEME conversion. We do 100% manual conversion, no automated software used. Our conversion process follows all the coding standards of the web world. the converted markup provided by us will adhere to HTML5/XHTML/CCS3 standards, our code will be 100% cross compatible. We also provide a responsive code which will respond to many screen sizes like mobile and tablet if you provide the PSD’s for that.

Our Features

  • We can convert your design into a THEME of your favorite CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, expression Engine, Magento etc.
  • We also offer custom web application design to HTML/CSS. We also map this HTML onto a server side language/frameworks such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, Groovy on Grails, Code Ingniter, CakePHP and many more.
  • 100% cross browser compatible, i.e. our code will work in all browsers and it will also work in different version of a particular browser. We will try to make it work even in the browsers which are very old like IE6.
  • Responsive Code – If you provide us with a mobile design of your site (design for smartphone and tablet and devices with other screen sizes), we can create a responsive code for your site, so that your site can adapt itself to fit in screens with different sizes.
  • We will do all the Javascript/ Jquery work needed for any static animation like DropDown Menu, Jquery Image Slider, Jquery tabs etc.
  • We make use of modern CSS frame works like 960 grid system, 1140 CSS grid, Blueprint, LESS, SASS etc. This ensure that your HTML code is future proof.
  • We keep our code as lite as possible, i.e. we will make use of images where use of CSS is not possible. Everywhere else we will try to make use of CSS to make the UI. Several factors come into play when deciding CSS or images, like browser version, browser device etc. We try to make use of public Javascript libraries loaders and web fonts provider like google to keep our code lite.

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