Mobile UI Design

In today’s world there are more people surfing the web through their iphone or other smartphone, than their desktop counterparts, so clearly businesses can’t neglect the need to design specifically for mobile and they are not, more and more businesses are moving towards the mobile optimized UI for their site. In fact in some cases, mobile site is designed first and the desktop later and for specific use cases, desktop site is eliminated altogether, like it is said that

if facebook is to be made today it would have been made a mobile only app.


Mobile site is very different than desktop site, because we have very small screen resolution compared to desktop, imagine you have to find a product on amazon, if they did not had a mobile version, you would have wasted more time in pinching, zooming & swiping, than actually finding a product. That’s why desktop version are to modified in order to be made usable. Many businesses have lost considerable revenues because of failing to have mobile optimized version of your site.

In fact many businesses are going one step forward and creating a native app just for using their site, like amazon, facebook etc. They have mobile version of their website accessible from the mobile browser, even then they have created native application to access their website. Why? Because native applications consumes less bandwith(because native apps don’t have to load UI) and on mobile network it matters, their UI elements are more responsive because native UI is created by the OS, whereas web UI is created by the browser, and a native app can use devices native features like contacts access, camera access etc.

mobileuiMobile design is much more than simply reducing the width of your site. In a mobile device touch is the primary medium of interaction, so one has always consider that touch action when designing the UI. Then mobile design is about using the native features of device like GPS, Camera, Accelerometer etc. You have to take care of the information flow on the mobile because you can’t provide a whole lot of content on mobile screen, this also make properly designed navigation, so that it becomes very easy for user to navigate around your information. Visual look & feel also plays a very important role in the success of an app or mobile website.

We create a stunning mobile experience for your users, we restructure the flow of information on your site according to mobile design principles, we restructure  the layout of your pages in a way that they are accessible on a mobile device using finger touch. We also put great emphasis on Visual Design, which can enhance the usability to significant level.

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