Cloud Consulting

CloudThe use of cloud computing is gaining main stage in today’s business environment and for right reasons. Today’s businesses want to deploy new applications as soon as possible and in most cost effective way. Many companies, big & medium sized and small all are putting cloud to work.

Cloud computing usually comes in three flavors IAAS , PAAS, SAAS

IAAS- Infrastructure as a service is a cloud model in which an organization outsource there hardware infrastructure to the cloud, they can outsource all parts of hardware or some like compute, storage or network. There is a huge cost saving in outsourcing your hardware to the cloud, since you pay for only what you use, that’s why more and more businesses are moving to the cloud.

PAAS- Platform as a service is a cloud model in which you outsource your development platform to the cloud, meaning you don’t have to manage the operating system and development libraries, you don’t have to manually configure new machines to share the load, you just have to manage your application code and all other layers beneath that will be managed by the cloud provider.

SAAS- Software as a service is a cloud model in which you don’t have to manage anything you just have to use the software. Software is configured according to your use and delivered to you over internet, like Google Apps for business which give an email, calender ,Google docs and other office apps to use for your business for a fixed cost per user. Another provider is Zoho.Saas Model

At Isintu, we help you choose and implement the best mix of these cloud model to optimize the performance of your business.We perform a cloud transition analysis of your organization, which is a process in which we perform need analysis of switching to cloud, feasibility, costs, benefits of moving to cloud.

We have a lot of experience with top cloud providers like Amazon, Rackspace, Google App engine, Windows Azure, PHP fog, cloud foundry etc. Our experts have in depth knowledge about the cost structure of these providers and there performances, so we help you choose the best according to your business needs.

Our Services

  • Amazon AWS Consulting
  • Rackspace Consulting
  • Microsoft Azure Consulting
  • Open Stack Consulting
  • Cloud Foundry Consulting
  • App Fog Consulting
  • PHP Fog Consulting
  • App Engine Consulting
  • Engine Yard Consulting
  • Openshift Consulting

Most of the cloud services providers offer a free but limited usage plan, contact us today for a trial: