Mobile Website

With more and more people using Smartphones to browse the web and more and more users adding up daily, it is evident that we can no longer ignore mobile web design.

Websites designed for desktops are unusable on the mobile because of the small screen. Mobile web design is a technique to make a site usable for mobile. In this technique, we the site for small width screen of phone.

There are many factors to consider:

  • Smaller screen width of the mobile consider to prevent horizontal scroll
  • Text size to make it readable
  • Image sizes to make them fit screen
  • Size of input controls to be touch friendly
  • Navigation placement to improve accessibility

Responsive Design

Using Desktop to browse, Try to reduce the width of your browser to see an example.

It is as technique in which we code a website in way to adapt itself on different screen sizes. Your site remains the same, but based on the size of the screen who requested it, your site will reformat itself to fit perfectly. To site an example just reduce the width of your screen browser and you will see this adapt itself to fit in the width.

In responsive design site is designed for desktop and mobile simultaneously i.e. we have two designs one for a desktop and another for a mobile, but when we code we create a single code in a way to contain both designs and the particular design is served on request.

At Isintu system, we use best of the web technologies like HTML, CSS3 to give your mobile site a unique look. If you already have a website and went to make it responsive or you want to create a new site with responsible design, then contact us today for a quick quoto.

For enquries please contact our consultant: