iPhone App Development

Iphone is a revolutionary device. It has made Apple the biggest company in the world in terms of market capitalization. At this time there are more than 650,000 apps on the Apple app store and they have been downloaded for almost 30 billion. These numbers proves the success of iphone and makes it the most used mobile platform in the history.

So, clearly it makes sense to develop for iphone, but iphone is a unique device, it has some constraint and some amazing hardware. It does not have a hardware back button, so everything has to go on the screen. We at Isintu understand these constraints and provide high quality design and development services to our clients.

We do three types of IPhone app development:

  1. Native Development- Our team comprises of experienced Objective C developers, we develop iphone apps that run natively on the iphone without using any third party runtime.
  2. Titanium Development- Titanium is a cross platform development tool from appcelerator. It speeds up the development process, and you can develop for both iphone and Android simultaneously using single code base. It is the most successful cross platform in the world, since it runs the app natively using runtime wrapped around your app. The apps are a bit slower than native, but if you are not developing a game, you will hardly notice the difference. We also have a Titanium certified developer in our team.
  3. Phone Gap Development- Phone gap is another cross platform tool, which is basically a browser which runs your local or remote webpages. The difference between the normal safari for iphone and phonegap is that-
    • It can access device hardware functions like contact or accelerometer.
    • Phonegap apps can be converted into binary and can be published into App Store unlike normal web apps.
    • Phonegap can also be used to develop an app for many platforms simultaneously.

    Pros- You can get your app developed for many platforms using Phonegap, and also you can develop using web technologies such as HTML/CSS/JQUERY/JQTOUCH and it is cheaper than native development.

    Cons- Not everything is achievable using Phonegap. You can’t take benefit of native performance of the device. Your app will run as fast as it can run in a browser, hence user experience will not be that good.

At Isintu, we will help you decide which technique will be suited for your app development based on the requirement of your app. How much interactivity it requires; how critical is response time; what is the structure of your app (client-server or client only) etc.

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