Mobile Development

In the last 5 years, the mobile devices landscape has been revolutionized. Devices based on IOS, Android, Windows Phone 7/7.5 have changed the way people consume content on mobile. Since most of these devices operate through finger based touch interface, it has changed the whole experience of consuming content on mobile.

These advances in mobile devices space has given birth to one industry and rebirth to another. The native app industry was born out of this revolution. There are almost 1 million apps in all the app stores combined. These apps can do a lot of things from streaming music to editing photos, from sharing content to playing games.  Mobile web was reborn out of this revolution, since we now have larger screen with touch interface, we can design websites which are actually usable on mobile devices.

If you are also thinking of riding  on this wave and have an idea of an app or want to redesign your site for your mobile audience, contact our consultants today.

Services We Offer

Our Development/Design approach

  1. Discussing the Requirements/Idea: The first thing we do is to understand clients requirements or idea. Next we will give you a proposal of how your app will be made and how much it will cost you and how much time it will take. Then we will move to paper prototyping phase.
  2. PPP (Paper Prototyping phase): It includes architecture + UI Testing. In this phase, we will create low fidelity wireframes of your app. Using these wireframes we will structure all the UI elements in the app and screen flow of your app from users point of view. Then we will get this flow tested. This is an iterative process, so we will improve these wireframes to provide best User experience.
  3. Visual Design: Based upon the wireframes we will decide the technical architecture like technologies of the front end and backend and how they will communicate with each other, database schema will be decided, if required etc. After this we will have a prototype of your app ready on paper which will be tested for accuracy. After your review we move to next phase.
  4. Test: In this phase we design the apps from UI perspective like shape of buttons, tabs, table rows etc. and their colors with various effects. We will draw high fidelity wireframes, which will give you an exact picture of your app after development.
  5. Release: In this phase we start Development using preferred language platform native or cross platform. We code all the UI and bind them with the business logic. Then we test on simulator first using tools such as instruments then on real device

We Thrive For Ultimate User Experience

User Experience is the key in success of a mobile app. In fact, app are being made just to improve user experience, without adding any functionality to the previous existing apps, for example there are almost 50 Apps in Apple App Store for task management, they all do the same thing, but there User Interface is different from each other, and that is why some apps are top of the chart.

UX is not just about how your app looks visually. It is:

  1. How a user interacts with your app- how many touches are required to complete a task etc.
  2. How easy and simple it is to understand- standard UI components to make it obvious what a control does etc.

We at Isintu, design apps in a way to provide best usability experience to the user. We follow an iterative design approach with user testing to improve the usability design of the app.

We Build The Backend

As we are a full services web and mobile development firm, we do provide all backend related services for your app like:

Web Services API- We create custom backend services for your app, which can act as an intermediary between your App and Database/Another web service. We create REST based web services so that your web services are future proof.

Cloud based backend services- There are many third party cloud based service providers. They provide a platform to create backend services for your mobile app. This platform can be used to create web services with business logic and data access.

Types of Application

  • Utility Applications
  • Sports Applications
  • Restaurant Application
  • Travel Application
  • Mapping Applications
  • Education Application
  • Entertainment Applications, etc.

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