PPC Management

Pay per Click is an advertising model developed for the internet. In this your agree to pay a certain amount to show your websites link on the sponsored link’s section of the Search results page and  advertisement section of some other third party site related to your business known as Contextual PPC. This amount is decided by an online bidding system where many people bid for keywords. But you only pay the amount when somebody clicks on that link.

We offer dedicated PPC managers, who will run your campaign in a way to optimize your ROI on PPC.

Advantages of PPC over SEO is that you can place your link on the Search results pages for the targeted keywords in matter of hours, whereas in SEO it can take weeks. Disadvantage is that you’ll have to pay every time a user clicks. So it is not very good for long term goals. The benefits however are you can take advantage of a temporary event like a sporting event. It is also good for testing keyword effectiveness.

Why hire professional PPC manager?

PPC campaigns look easy to manage. But research show a dedicated PPC manager can improve your ROI manifold.

PPC is a complex advertising model. The cost of click is dependent on keywords you select. Wrong keyword selection can ruin your whole campaign. Also the bidding process is very complex and related to keywords, so wrong bidding strategy can eat up your entire budget and yet not generate enough traffic.

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