Email Marketing

It is one of the oldest and most effective ways of Internet Marketing and is still used heavily. It has its roots in the physical direct mail marketing.

Feautures of email Marketing:

  • Increase Customer Engagement: By delivering the latest news about your products or services, straight  into the customers inboxes, you can keep them engaged and increase brand retention.
  • Target Customers: By analaysing different campaigns over time, you can target the customers based on thier interest and inclination.
  • Quick response: Since Emails are still a primary form of communication for most people, they spend most of their time in thier inboxes, so that’s the place you want to be. Moreover people use emails to find actionable items, so it is more likely to get an action from email than on ad on a website.
  • Track your reader: You can track who reads and responds to your mails, this data can be analyised and can form a basis of strategy of a future campaign.
  • Save on Printing and Paper and Postage: Emails are easy,  just draft you mail on the computer and send it directly to your customers, and above all its free.

What we offer

  • High quality and highly targeted email database
  • Industry leading softwares to ensure quick delivery of your mails.
  • Proffesional mail designers to create your brand impression.
  • Use latest technology like HTML5 and Responsive Design to take advantage of modern browsers.

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