Internet Marketing

Billions of people use internet everyday to look for content using sites they know. They search for new content using search engines, online directory sites or some popular sites. They share information using social networking and interact with people using emails.

Since, billions of people spend so much time on these websites looking for information. These websites have become a perfect space for marketing products and services.

Because of the different nature of these sites and the different intent of the consumers to use them, four major types of techniques have evolved for Internet Marketing.

  1. Search Engine Optimization: Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are the primary source of finding new content on the web. When a user searches for something, s/he is presented with many pages of search results. Survey shows only people go beyond Page 1 and hardly anyone goes beyond Page 3. SEO is set of techniques which will place your website’s links on the top of the first page of the search results and help you win more customers.
  2. Pay Per Click Marketing: SEO is not a one day process, it takes weeks to reach to the first page. PPC is the quickest way of reaching to the first page. It is a form of advertising where you pay some money to place your websites links on the top of First page of Search results for some key terms related to your business. It can also be used to place your links on some popular sites which contains information relevant to your business.
  3. Social Media Marketing: In this technique various social networking sites are targeted to show your business to the world.
  4. Email Marketing: It is one of the oldest form of Internet Marketing and is still very effective in customer engagement and generation.
  5. Optimizing Conversions: All the other techniques can bring the people to your site, but converting these people into customers is completely a different thing altogether. We offer services like Landing page optimization, Brand optimization, Content optimization to improve conversion.

Our Approach

Our approach for Internet Marketing is simple and logical.

  1. Define Internet Marketing goals and Target audience: We will help you identify your goals and target audience with the help of several brainstorming sessions. We will ask you questions like ‘What are you selling?’, ‘To whom are you selling?’, ‘Which geographies are you selling into?’, ‘What is the nature of your product?’, etc.
  2. Measure current Performance and Competitor Analysis: We identify your current performance on the Internet by finding out different parameters about your site like- your Search engine rank, Alexa rank, Social media presence etc. Same kind of analysis is done on your competitors to find out their strength and weaknesses.
  3. Define Internet Marketing Strategy: Based on the information we gather in the previous steps, we define a Strategy. We work out a proper mix of techniques like SEO, PPC, Email, Social Media on the basis of nature of your products or services, we decide whether Search engine based PPC is good or Banner ads are good, whether your goal is brand recognition or lead generation.
  4. Implement: Based on the strategy developed we start the implementation. This may involve the redesign your site, rebranding of your products or regenerating the content. Our team of web designers, developers and Internet marketeers, make sure best performance of your campaign.
  5. Measure and Improvise results: We keep on monitoring the parameters like no. of hits and no. of conversions and based on that we change the campaign to optimize the overall performance.

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