About Us

Isintu Infotech Private Limited is a full services IT solutions company. We offer Consulting, Design, Development & Marketing services for Web & Mobile. We seek to offer innovative and customized technical and creative solutions for any organization facing online challenges.

Our focus is to understand the business processes of our clients completely before coming up with a solution so that the solution we provide to the client should improve their business from all directions, not just one specific direction.

We encourage the client to look into the problem areas of their business and help them in finding them, we will make all the efforts to find out factors which are hurting your profits and will do our best to solve them.

Whats in the name?

Our clients often struggle with our name, It is a word from language zulu and it means ‘ The culture & way of life’.

Our Focus is on

  • Great User Experience
  • Great Design
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Optimizing your ROI
  • Meeting Deadlines
  • Dilevering our commitments
  • Suggesting the right approach to clients
  • Building Trust & Nurturing Relationship

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